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Where is our heart today?

Updated: Mar 8

When we step into our day, it could be depleting or inevitable with the hope of a particular result. But are we looking at our day with valued efficiency for the whole hour or even the entire day?

  • Focus on important tasks first.

  • Stay focused.

  • Get rid of bad energy cluttering up.

  • Save time off on social networks.

  • Communicate with those moving forward in life.

  • Take a break to create and get clear in the middle of the day, and See where your heart is

  • Eat healthily

  • Beath and heal your mind

Our steps in our day could lead us toward actual results, knowing that our hopeful hearts will succeed when we walk into the house of our Power and overcome the failure. So what should we do?

The heartfelt pulse awaits; it's waiting for you to be the witness; it truly feels best when we witness our spirits' vibrational order.

The Power of the presence

There are three ways you are thinking

  1. In the past, depleted and disarray

  2. In the future, achieve, achieve, achieve.

  3. Or In the present, where you are powerful and present.

Here are some basic techniques.

In appearance, we have a choice of where to put our attention.

Do you know how it works?

Today start with where you are putting your focus.

Energy goes where attention flows.

The best way to start would be to

Turn your lens into the beholder. (That's you) Are you able to observe the self?

Go to a place where you hear nothing besides your breathing.

a. Take a deep breath and fill up your belly, filling up the lungs. As you breathe in the nose, you want to feel the texture of the oxygen coming in through your nose and focus your attention there as the witness. Observe this.

b. Step back from yourself observing your mind without doing anything, and watch where your mind goes.

Do you let your thoughts pass through or engage with them?

If so, what are you thinking?

Please write it down.

Is it serving you to have the strength to move forward?

Could the thought benefit you?

Reposition yourself to observe your thoughts and how they make you feel. You are stepping back from a mindset that could fuel distress. We want to look at the situation from this newly distant point of view and see the big picture with why we are engaging with it. We want to identify what trigger these thoughts.

Why are they there? Where did they come from?

Positively look at the thought from a new perspective, through roses or colored glass of art, to change the perception.

c. Commit to yourself each day, completing a simple task that will enliven your heart and support you in becoming more conscious By walking into your perfect heart and having enduring faith in your abilities to look deeper.

You are fulfilling the life of your Godly spirit that creates the ideal walk without groaning.

d. Learn to detach from your interruption.

By, Releasing these heavy attachments, your heart will endure feeling liter allowing you to feel the bountiful—pleasures in the complete Power of presence.

For instance,

Behave wisely in a perfect heart

Have a proud spirit of accomplishments

Value your presence as the essence of who you innately are, Now

Feel enduring strength as you get results daily when you know where your heart is.

Learn to differentiate from the traps holding you back from your Power.

Please continue to share. Allow your heart to live in peace.

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