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Why Would Mercury Retrograde Affect Us Spiritually

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

We are officially in a Mercury Retrograde cycle.

Thank God Mercury is in Retrograde, the BEST time to release more disruption.

Do you agree with this?

I learned to appreciate this time in retrograde if you are like me. Unless you're like most people, it's frustrating when the computer goes down, the cell phone goes out, or the car stops working, Lol!

As you would know, it's all perfect.

And part of the perfect is. We have to finish things up or tend to something which no longer serves us and do things differently. The effect leads to feeling inspired in your unique way.

This time is an incredible opportunity to complete things.

There's a surge of synergy to create new ideas, but it's not always a great idea to launch anything.

Hopefully, it will help the market because it has been squeaky, and that is a unique opportunity because there are options in every situation. So resist it, accept it, or change it.

Everything happens in our lives, and there is a reason for it, and this is the time when it will stand out.

What should we do?

In this state of mind, you want to go in and complete the loose ends, resolve some issues or pieces of the business, relationship, or limiting critical beliefs. But, the things you weren't sure what to do with, suddenly everything will jell, making each item seem possible!

Whether in your work environment, a project, spiritual life, or relationship, visions will come to the fruits of what you want. It will start coming together when we go into the last week of #MercuryRetrograte.

For the next three weeks, do some journaling and reflecting, take a good look at your life and see what needs to change.

Why should we do this?

The energy is vital that you recognize misbeliefs and doubts becoming apparent. Certain circumstances will come to the surface overshadowing your potential; if you are being mindful, it will make sense. You must pay close attention to what arises for you to gain greater clarity in this crucial time. Please write it down because it could be telling you something.

For direction and completion, to be empowered and inspired. Even take it up a notch.

Make sure your ego doesn't get in the way of creation.

Because many people try to manifest from their mind, the mental state is where all the fears come from, and the things you think you have to control the ideas of what you think you want could be mentally based, which is fine. The idea is to get freakin lit up. I think it's best to go where the mind doesn't limit possibilities. We want to move outside the atmosphere where there is no fear and move into total joy, light, and peace. Intend to open ourselves up to receive a little more and have it all without working for it. The work is the egoic sense of self which is usually getting in the way of your receiving instinctively. We want to leave our mind behind to reach out to a place of our spirit's possibilities of the unknown, somewhere the mind has never explored.

How to stay calm during mercury retrograde

  1. Meditate 15 minutes or more a day

  2. Simple deep breath every hour 7 to 10 times

  3. Reflect on what needs to change for the better

  4. Journaling will support you to identify and release what not working

Yvonne Kasko Founder and Healer

Yvonne is a visionary leader with a passion for helping others heal. After her own journey of self-discovery, she founded Recalibrated Minds to help others connect with their inner wisdom and power. Through God, she was given the gift of healing, and the phrase: “I want everyone to know how my spirit works” came to her. Yvonne is a certified meditation teacher and energy healer who offers one-on-one sessions, classes, and workshops.

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