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Updated: Mar 8, 2023


What does it mean to dig deep? Examine more carefully. If it weren't for meditation, I wouldn't have been able to examine my breath. Instead, look into my thoughts, realize how I feel with every emotion, become more aware of my behaviors, and how I worked overall in silence to listen and gain the answer to helping myself.

I was at the fourth doctor; he stated I would not be able to walk again unless I had surgery; at that moment, I had a loud distinction coming through telling me to FIGURE IT OUT!

I jumped off the doctor's table, said okay, walked to my car, and cried! I had a hunch for a brief moment and decided I would not live this way. If I wanted to walk again, I had to find Strength and heal my nervous system. It takes Strength deep within your heart to believe in yourself. Therefore, You can overcome all difficulties and meet every defeat. I found my way.


The most crucial factor will be your attitude; your attitude is your way of being. How does that look to yourself and others? Your methods of existence will enormously affect your healing and determine how you show up for your life! Most importantly, how you show up for "Yourself." There are risks in life you should take, like stepping out of the box, stretching yourself for the better, and creating love, devotion, and self-love! A strategy takes place, and you could be missing the way. It's up to you to figure it out and not sit there, twiddling your thumbs, staying in the box of confusion or misconception.

Sure, you could let yourself go and not give a punkie, but what kind of Strength does that serve you? Only a little! It's bad enough that people procrastinate, resist having the power, and do not see the strategy to overcome it! So many say that there isn't enough time in life, but in actuality, there's plenty of time you're just wasting it!

If you think about it, do you see yourself focusing on things that have nothing to do with you?

Take the time to stop, recognize your interruption, and focus on

your thoughts. You could be projecting your feelings and justifying with your interruption. It needs to be a clearer view. The best way to understand the idea would be to pay closer attention to your thinking. The thoughts are like the writing on the bottom of a TV; they immediately come right through your mind. Instead of putting negative thoughts on what's already sucky, take the time to recognize what you are thinking, which will help with the outcome of what you're doing. And why you're doing it? Once you identify what you thought, you can overcome by clarifying more extraordinary forces that will occur instead of resisting the idea of the situation and what you have declared. You want to get clear with Ideas and goals. Allow yourself to let go and do what you want right now.


You will have control over your mind once you decide to see what you're doing, and until then, everything stays the same. So bring your attention inward and start exploring yourself closer to how you feel to understand better why you've been pulled away from your natural state of being.


If we give other people all our love and attention, what about you loving yourself?

Our attention is outside ourselves; we pay attention to everything else and forget about ourselves. Not slowing down and dealing with the grind unfocused, leaving you behind with nothing, feeling depleted, sad, or even pissed!

I'm not saying you don't love others, but life should come effortlessly. It's a law; once you start practicing mindfulness and reactivate your abilities, you naturally gain more Strength. There's an analogy we all know very well, and we happen to forget.

"The Golden Rule"

"How can you love others if you don't love yourself?"


I know you have heard this several times, but what are you doing about it?

When will you start taking the time for yourself, at least 15 minutes or more a day, to realize the stillness and not rationalize the interruption?

If so, congratulations!

It will start with you, sincerely. You have the Strength to flip the lens and overcome every defeat. Start to discover your accurate intelligence, witness your deserving power, and allow the process to play its role.

Please don't believe me.

Do the work, and you will understand the mixed ingredients of success.

Be everything you've always wanted without holding back. Have the confidence to flip the page and be the greatest ever lived, even if they laugh in your face!



Spiritual Coach Teaching Meditation, Self Awareness, and Yoga Philosophy.

Spiritual Coach Teaching Meditation, Self Awareness, and Yoga Philosophy.

We are here to express our most "humbling experiences" through the inviable nature. Yet, by trusting the power of faith, anything is possible. So, may you discover God's longing to restore your heart and fulfill your dreams?

-Yvonne Kasko

Meditation Retreat coming soon.


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