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Four Point Activation

Advance Meditation Workshop

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You know how important it is to have better control over your mind, but there are many meditation devices to choose Where to begin, how to do it without falling asleep, and how long you should meditate to get the best results. You've heard about meditation, and either you are unsure what it is or how to slow down so you are not feeling anxious about getting other things done. We have put together a 3.5-hour Advance Meditation Workshop to help you learn, practice, and perform daily. We do the work together. We teach you the most powerful tools that will heal you through time and practice and help you gain control over your mind and all aspect, so you can start uncovering your hidden potential. ▪️In the first Level: we will focus our practice on stimulating the body and mind through Kundalini Pranayama Meditation. We want to awaken internal chi by boosting your energy field and restoring your system through a massive interior upgrade. First, we want to learn about the attractor field. How does it work? Build a foundation at the beginning of the workshop with deep breathing by rooting it in your body. As a result, you will build a strong energy field and even have a healing experience. ▪️Second Level: We want to learn about Shaktipat energy (Lifeforce); it's masterful to learn about something we already have as a conductor field. This meditation will hone in on the frontal lobe, the forefront of the mind's eye (pituitary gland), which the yogis call—the Third Eye Meditation. I will teach you how to awaken the doormat of the mind. As a result, you can heal your Mind-Body-Soul through time and practice on your terms. This tool is the secret to your endeavors. ▪️Third Level: The Cave of Brahma Advance Four-Point meditation. We will focus on four significant points areas, slowly awakening key points that have been asleep, the secret gateway for higher awareness. The part of you that want to understand and know. The object of meditation is to find who you are. Meditation teaches you how to direct your life force, energy, and spirit inward. The more you are open and dedicated, the more you will get out of it. ➖Prepare your body and mind for the workshop, Eat healthy foods, and drink plenty of water. Our bodies should feel nourished. ➖Get plenty of sleep, feeling well rested. For more information, Please schedule your appointment to learn more about our workshops at 928-955-8884 Book Now!

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