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Embracing Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn

Welcome to My World! Unleashing Creativity and Self-Discovery.

If you're familiar with Capricorns, you're likely aware of their strong work ethic and dedication.

Thank you, Reader, for joining me on this journey; my name is Yvonne Kasko, and I am a meditation teacher. Currently, we find ourselves amidst Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn, a celestial event that will manifest differently for each individual.

You might seize this opportunity to elevate your efforts in ways that align with your goals, perhaps rethinking long-term projects. With this retrograde, you'll find yourself listening, reading, speaking, and writing—engaging in various forms of communication.

Understanding the nature of Capricorns

Understanding the nature of Capricorns, this Mercury Retrograde invites us to introspect and discover more about ourselves. It serves as a prime time for unleashing creativity with an energy that permeates the air. Consider using this time to check items off your to-do list, and be mindful of not overextending yourself. The resulting exhaustion may prompt you to reflect, pick yourself up, and keep moving forward.

Capricorns are Practical

Despite the common misconception of Capricorns as overly confident or seemingly aloof, they are, in fact, profoundly caring and loving individuals. You should feel more love flowing during this time, along with an increase in confidence. A Capricorn's confidence is often misunderstood, with people mistakenly perceiving it as an attitude of superiority.

Capricorn Style

This celestial event provides a chance for self-discovery, allowing us to identify the practical aspects of our Capricorn style. Many may not fully grasp who Capricorns are, but beneath our strong exterior lies a genuine appreciation for peace and a keen awareness of when "enough is enough." The retrograde period can serve as a guide to help you tap into your inner Capricorn facets and recognize the practicality that defines your approach to life.

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Facilitated by Yvonne Kasko

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